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  1. Universal Orthodox Christianity established in AD 325 at the Synod of Nicea.

  2. Syrian migration consisting of 72 families led by Uraha Mor Ouseph and Knai Thoma in AD 345 establishes Universal Orthodox Church in Malankara to bring St. Thomas Malankara Nasranis under the Syrian Orthodox Church

  3. Knanaya community settles at Kodungallur and establishes a Church at Kodungallur in the name of Mother Mary and organizes the regular visitation of Metropolitans from the Middle East for the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church

  4. In the 9th and 10th century, Moors attacked Kodungallur and monopolized exports of spices from the Malabar Coast and many Knanayaites fled Kodungallur to Mulanthuruthy and Kaduthuruthy

  5. In AD1502, the Knanayites welcomed Vasco Da Gama who promised to defend the Malanakara Syrian Orthodox Church against the Moors and to arrange for the safe journey of Metropolitans from the Middle East to Malankara

  6. In AD 1524, Knanayites forced to leave Kodungallur and settle in the Thekkumkur kingdom at Kottayam and Kallissery

  7. In AD 1599, all Churches under the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church were brought under the Roman Catholic denomination at the Synod of Udayamperoor

  8. In AD 1653, a 25000 strong Syrian Christian force led by Itty Thommen Kathnar, vicar of Kallissery St. Mary’s Knanaya Church led a revolt from the Roman Catholic denomination and swore eternal allegiance to the Patriarchal Throne of Antioch.

  9. In AD 1876, at the time of the Synod of Mulanthuruty, there were 8 Knanaya Churches

  10. Malankara Jacobite Syrian Knanaya Committee formed in AD 1882 under the leadership of Edavazhickal Geevarghese Kathnar, Maalithara Elias Kathnar and Kannothu Abraham Kathnar to administer the affairs of Knanayites in 9 Knanaya Churches. This symbolized the first organization of the Knanaya community into an independent body within the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church. E M Philip was the first Secretary of the Knanaya Committee and Kunnumkeri Puthenpurackal Uthuppan Thomas was the first Trustee

  11. In AD 1902, Edavazhickal Geevargese Kathnar made Vicar General of the Knanaya Churches

  12. In AD 1910 August 31st, Edavazhickal Geevarghese Kathnar was consecrated as Geevarghese Mor Severios at Vadakara Church and appointed as the Metropolitan of the Knanaya Bhadrasanam by the Holy Patriarch of Antioch His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Abdallah II

  13. The first general body meeting of the Church representatives of the Knanaya Diocese was held at Kallissery St. Mary’s Knanaya Church on Tuesday, the 24th of January, 1911 to prepare the roadmap for the future of the newborn Diocese. At this meeting, it was decided to dissolve the old Church Committee was to create a new Association with two representatives and a priest elected from each Church

  14. Knanaya Association rules were framed in 1918 and served as the guideline for the Constitution of the Diocese

  15. Mor Dioscoros Thomas was ordained Metropolitan at Jerusalem in 1926 and appointed as assistant to Mor Severios to administer the Knanaya Diocese

  16. Mor Severios was called to eternal rest on June 11th, 1927

  17. Mor Dioscoros relinquished the title of Knanaya Metropolitan in 1939

  18. Thamarappallil Abraham Cor-Episcopa and Purackal P J Thomas Cor-Episcopa administered the affairs of the Knanaya Diocese from 1939 – 1951

  19. Vayala Idiculla Abraham was consecrated as Abraham Mor Clemis on the 15th of April 1951 at Homs in by His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem I, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and appointed as Metropolitan of the Knanaya Diocese

  20. Mor Clemis was elected as the Malankara Metropolitan by the Malankara Association on the 21st of June 1957 at Manarcaud

  21. The Knanaya Diocese saw much progress during the reign of Mor Clemis as Metropolitan and the Diocese grew from 9 churches to 97 churches in a span of about 100 years

  22. Abraham Mor Clemis was called to eternal rest on 30th September 2002

  23. Edavazhickal Kuriakose Abraham Kassissa consecrated as Kuriakose Mor Severios and appointed as Metropolitan of Knanaya Diocese on the 15th of January 2004

  24. Knanaya Diocese elevated to the level of ‘Knanaya Archdiocese in India’ and the Metropolitan Mor Severios Kuriakose was elevated as ‘His Eminence Mor Severios Kuriakose, the Archbishop and Chief Metropolitan of the Knanaya Archdiocese in India’ on the 10th of January 2007 by H H Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, the Patriarch of Antioch and All he East vide Bull No. E20/07Rev. Fr. Chaluparambil Thomas Kurien consecrated as Kuriakose Mor Gregorios and appointed as Assistant Metropolitan to the Knanaya Arch Bishop on the 2nd of February 2007



The Knanaya Jacobite community in the Greater Toronto Area during the late 1980s and 90s used to attend services at the St. Mary’s Syriac Orthodox Church in Mississauga as this was the only Syrian Orthodox service available in the city those days. Later on, the number of Knanaya families increased steadily and in 2003, a visit of H E Mor Severios Kuriakose marked the commencement of a Knanaya prayer group which met once a month and started looking at the feasibility of a Knanaya parish in Toronto. In July 2007, the following families - Arackal, Arichipurathu, Aronnil, Kalluparampil, Kanapuzha, Karingattil, Karukaparampil, Kavunkal, Kunnirickel, Manimalethu, Memanakkaleckal, Naicheril, Nediyuzhathil, Palapurackal, Pazhayapeedikayil, Thengumkalayil, Thompumannil, Valanjanthuruthil, Velukizhakethil - met with G Mor Gregorios Kuriakose and decided to establish a new Knanaya parish later that year. Accordingly, the first Holy Qurbana was celebrated in our church on Dec.2, 2007 in the same altar that we continue to have our services every Sunday ever since. Our founding Vicar was Rev.Fr. Mathew Uthuppan Cherukarethu (Santhosh Achen). This first service was attended by Orthodox, Jacobite priests from our sister churches in the GTA and members from these churches in addition to our member families, which was about 15 at that time. That day onwards, our parish has been welcoming more families to its fold and continuing to do so as per God’s will.

After 16 years of patient waiting, we have reached a significant milestone - owning our own church! This achievement fills us with immense joy and gratitude, showcasing our community's dedication, perseverance, and unwavering faith. Together, we have established a sacred space where we can gather, worship, celebrate, and grow in our spiritual journey. May 23rd, 2023, will forever be remembered as the monumental day when we finalized the deal and received the keys to our new church. It's an incredible responsibility and privilege to steward this sacred space, and we are excited to build a vibrant and thriving church for generations to come.


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